14 Distressing Pictures That Will Open Your Eyes

Life is not a walk in the park for most people. Therefore, most of us have to face life´s biggest challenges before our time on Earth runs out. Here are 14 distressing pictures that will help you reconsider your position on life in general by opening your eyes. Many of us are fortunate beyond belief and we should count our blessings every time we wake up with a roof over our heads and breakfast on the table.

1. Refugee problems


Millions of Syrian refugees cross the Balkans every day in the hope of finding a better life, and the cheapest way of reaching the German and Austrian border is by walking. Many refugees, mostly children and young people, have to walk without food for days. Europe is currently divided on how to deal with the refugee crisis. While some are open to the idea of allowing the refugees shelter, others reject the idea altogether. However, a picture like this one proves that the refugee crisis is ours to handle no matter what our nationality.

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