25 Incredible First Class Airline Seats

The chances are quite high that you’ve probably flown in an airplane at least once in your lifetime. In the course of the flight, you’ve probably been sat next to some random woman or man who was overly annoying in some fashion or another. That’s what flying in coach does for the random traveler, but if you’ve ever had the pleasure of traveling in first class, then you know all about luxury accommodations.
Below, we give you the top five first class airline seats and all of the luxury details that encompasses. Are you ready? Buckle your seatbelt and get comfortable because it’s going to be a beautiful, luxurious ride. Why take a flight with any random airline when you can afford to arrive in style with the best of them? These luxurious first class seats are the best in the world and are second to none when offering you the comfort, space and privacy to either get things done or just relax and enjoy the flight.
Either way, you are definitely going to be glad that you booked with one of the below airlines because there is nothing better than treating yourself.

Air France – “La Premiere”

Air France – “La Premiere” - telegraph.co.uk

Air France – “La Premiere” – telegraph.co.uk

Air France launched their first class accommodations on their Airbus A380 jet and is moving to include these luxury seats on their entire fleet of jets. Who could blame them? Their first class seats boast a 24 inch television, food from famous chefs in France and a huge allotment of reclining space so that you can get comfortable on your flight.
In these great seats, you’re not fighting for elbow room or any other space with those of whom you’re traveling. In fact, there is a huge table that can hold all of your electronics. The food is also amazing and not some rehashed microwaveable junk that you see on other airlines.

Etihad Airways Diamond First Class

Etihad Airways Diamond First Class - yourholidays.com.au

Etihad Airways Diamond First Class – yourholidays.com.au

This is the flag carrier of the United Arab Emirates and it features the ability to completely close off your section of first class for the utmost in privacy. In addition to that feature, it also has a mini bar for your personal enjoyment. Before taking off, you can also choose your global cuisine from the menu to be prepared by a personal chef on board the giant plane.
During a trip on this luxury aircraft, you can get a lot done in the space that looks like an office, but doesn’t necessarily feel like one. While it does give off a cubicle sort of feeling, if you need to get things done, this is the flight for you.

Cathay Pacific First Class

Cathay Pacific First Class - efficientasianman.boardingarea.com

Cathay Pacific First Class – efficientasianman.boardingarea.com

Cathay Pacific has really set the gold standard with their VIP first class service. The flight gives you the ability to lie completely flat for the utmost in comfort and offers plush bedding. To make things complete, the airline also boasts an awesome food and wine selection that will knock your socks right off.
The seats on this aircraft are similar to that of the Etihad seats, but instead of getting a cubicle, you’re surrounded by a comfortable sofa. While jet-setting across the globe, you can rest easy on this airline because it’s built for your comfort. Even if you hit some turbulence, you aren’t likely to feel it in this giant jet.

Singapore Airlines Suites Class

Singapore Airlines Suites Class - samchuiphotos.com

Singapore Airlines Suites Class – samchuiphotos.com

Flying Singapore Airlines is the ultimate in first class luxury. Basically, instead of a first class seat, you get a first class suite. You can lie down in a full-sized bed that beats everything else hands down when it comes to comfort and class. They boast the ultimate in service and that is why many celebrities use their airline when booking international flights.

Emirates A380 First Class

Emirates A380 First Class - forbes.com

Emirates A380 First Class – forbes.com

If you thought the Singapore Suites were the best thing since sliced bread to hit airlines, then you must not have heard anything about the Emirates First Class accommodations. This airbus allows you the privacy of a suite along with a huge bathroom that includes a shower so that you can arrive looking your very best. Not only that, but you get a closing door, a mini bar and the ability to shut yourself away from the rest of the world on a packed plane full of people.
If you’re planning a trip to Dubai in the future and want to be treated like royalty, then look no further than the Emirates A380 first class arrangements. Just like an air hotel, you can also hang a “do not disturb” sign on your door so that you’re not bothered with other people on your flight.

These luxury accommodations aren’t cheap, but they are worth it if you can afford the expense and have the need to travel. These great airlines offer customized services that leave you feeling like a king!

American Airlines Flagship



Planning to have a homely journey in the sky? You do not have to dream about that as American Airlines is ready to serve you the best. With its first class seating, it is welcoming the best luxurious facilities possible for its passengers. No matter if you would like to have a meeting during the flight, you can do so with your co-workers or with your clients by sitting on the fully swivel seats. During your busy time in the flight, you may need some rest. No worries as the chair can be converted to a sleeping bed. Do so by just folding the swivel chair. If you feel much noise from your surroundings, you can take the help of the noise cancelling headphones.

British Airways First Class



Say goodbye to your stress with British Airways. You can expect a full-time relaxing journey with the airlines. Its reclined bed comes with the news of comfortable resting and sleeping. Your comfort level upgrades with the sets of pajamas as well as cosmetic products given by the British Airways. You could feel your bedroom with this amenity. The roomy seats as well as power supplying ability for your mobile devices like your cell phones, tabs or laptops will surely make your complete journey worry-free and enjoyable. You can be indulged with the foods offered by the airways at anytime.

Air Canada



Have you ever heard the name “Pods”? If not, then learn about it. Air Canada boasts with its special type of chair called Pod. We often experience abnormal tiredness or pain in our body due journey, but Pods guarantee you that you can have neck and back massaging with these types of chairs. Keep your reading magazines on the big side table and do not worry about space limit of common cabinet in front of your seat. Use your fingers to operate touch screen TV in your seat of Air Canada and enjoy the whole moment of your dream journey. Dive into a dream, not a journey and no noise will bother you as you can block that out with noise cancelling headphones.

Japan Airlines (JAL Suite)



How about tasting the world calls Western as well as Japanese dishes while on board of your aero plane? I am not kidding as you can experience your favorite meal on Japan Airlines. Even the pre-booked meal will be served at your convenience during your flight. So enjoy the taste of your journey with tasty food and all-in-one cozy environment inside the planes of Japan Airlines.

Dedicated personal TV is there to make your journey completely personal. Your choice is completely yours as you will enjoy your journey inside a retractable partition which is fully personalized.

Lufthansa First Class



Well-known Lufthansa is ready with comfortable seats for its passengers. Its seats are sophisticated and renowned for simplicity. The flat bed sported with mattress, duvet, pillow will give you a relaxed journey whether you would like to lie or sit. The ever known benefit of the airline is that every first class ticket comes with an additional bed, so you do not have to transform your seat in order to prepare for sleeping. Just change your position from seat to bed or bed to seat whenever you would like to have sleeping or sitting.

Qantas First Suites



How about controlling everything with your fingers? No we are not telling you to dream a dream world where you could be able to do so! It is Qantas’s first class amenities that are so ultra-modern that you can customize your seat’s positioning with the taps of your fingers. Is not it amazing? So why not try a flight with Qantas?

Swiss First

Transform your armchairs as many ways as possible to shape it for different purposes! Have a set of pajamas, socks, toothbrush, and toothpaste to feel your boarding like your home. We are talking about the amenities of Swiss International Airlines. These are some the awesome facilities, try more from them soon whenever you can.

Thai Airways (Thai Royal First)

The enormous good feeling that you can have with Thai Airways is awesome. The 180-degree convertible seat can give you the perfect fit for sitting as well as sleeping. The welcoming champagne, grand candy bar and the most luxurious Bulgarian orchid spa facilities will take you into a dream world.

All Nippon Airways (ANA First Square)

Buying a ticket of ANA’s first class does not mean that you are taking a seat; rather you are going to entertain with a room. You will have all the amenities you want with the specious room. It is more like a private place for letting you dive into the dream world. You can hang your clothes; keep your luggage in different cabinets of your suite. You will never feel congested while flying with ANA’s planes. Cardigan along with pajamas is given to make your journey more comfortable. The cuisine is all different each time you fly with All Nippon Airways. Different dishes both the Western and the Japanese will make you feel that you are in a luxurious hotel.

Virgin Atlantic Airways

Virgin Atlantic Airways’ Upper Class Seat comes with fully controllable, luxurious amenities that you would only love. The aesthetic interior of the airways will obviously soothe your eyes. The comfortable bed will give you the room for sleeping while completely stretching your hands and legs, so your sleep becomes ultra comfortable.

Qatar Airways (Qatar First Class)

The business class of Qatar Airways gives you a cozy feeling with its broad seat that can be converted to homely bed. The classic Bar is a well addition for perfect recreation to the Airways. You can raise the side of your seat to arrange some privacy for you. You will also be entertained with a wide TV and you can have Wi-Fi facility by spending additional $20.

Air India

The comfort zone that Air India’s first class suite can bring to your journey is unbelievable. You can only dream to have such a flight. Not only sitting or sleeping comfortably, make your life blessed with some exotic food items like lamb steak or kebab which will surely give you a chance to taste ambrosia and feel like heaven.

Jet Blue Mint Class

The only word that a passenger of an airway can utter is Wow if he or she experiences a flight of Jet Airways’ Blue Mint Class. The seats are way too bigger than the usual ones and the awesome interior has given it a slider opening to enter into the seat. No journey becomes exciting without having exotic foods, so the Mint Class ensures tasty dishes that can get you say delicious after consuming them. As the door opens sliding, you get a complete privacy inside your cabin.

Korean Air Cosmo Suite

The wood furnished interior of Korean Air Cosmo suite will take you to a natural environment. You can have messages and keep your feet rest comfortably with the flight. You can pass your time enjoyably by watching TV fixed in your suite. So if you have intended to have a flight in a premium suite, then Cosmo Suite of Korean Air will be a better choice for you.

Malaysia First Class

If you would like to have special check in facilities along with other amenities from a first class flight, then you can go for Malaysia Airlines’ First Class. You can be sure that the royal dining facility as well as journey time amenities will perplex you and make your every moment enjoyable. Before the journey with the business class, you can have nice waiting lounge beforehand no matter wherever you are.

Oman Air First Class

First Class of Oman Air has the capability of giving you a mini suite that can bring ease during your journey. You can be sure that each and every flight in the mini suite will make your journey memorable. You will be served with quality foods during your flight. In flight connections never separate you from other parts of your world. So if you are a couple and intending to have a flight in a cozy environment, then the First Class mini suite of Oman Air can satisfy you from all ways.

Asiana First Class Suite

With Asiana’s First Class Suite, you can make yourself as much private as possible as you get sets of pajamas, slippers, toiletries kits. You have a LCD TV in front of you so that you can enjoy your favorite program. Do not miss a single moment without enjoyment if you are on board of Asiana First Class Suite. Wide varieties of foods are very tasty and will make your journey such a beautiful that you can expect in a nice restaurant.

United Airlines Global First

United Airlines’ Global First gives its passengers top-notch facilities that you can hardly get in your usual flights. You will get a spacious place to take rest, eating, sleeping etc. Healthy and tasty foods are served by the Airlines are way too delicious. You can watch TV and the remote controller is at your fingertip. Side cabinet drinks will always welcome you for refreshment. So never miss a chance to ride with United Airlines.

Garuda New First

Garuda New First’s spacious accommodation will give you a chance to visit your dream flight. The polite crews are ever smiling and ready to serve the best for you. You will not have to worry about your journey as you will not find any boredom during your flight. Welcoming drink makes you habituated and one by one, all the amenities will make you feel fresh almost all the time. So if you have already bought a ticket of Garuda New First, never worry about your journey whether the duration of the journey will be.

Transaero Imperial Class

The aesthetic beauty of the interior of Transaero Imperial Class will dazzle anybody’s eyes. In every aspect of the flight, you will find aestheticism, even with the tea cup; you will feel the difference with its design. The seating system is also very unique and you have much room for stretching your hands and feet out in any way. The foods served in the flight of Imperial Class are awesome in taste. You have complete comfort while you are travelling to a distant place as you will forget that the suite is not your home.

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