25 Incredible First Class Airline Seats

The chances are quite high that you’ve probably flown in an airplane at least once in your lifetime. In the course of the flight, you’ve probably been sat next to some random woman or man who was overly annoying in some fashion or another. That’s what flying in coach does for the random traveler, but if you’ve ever had the pleasure of traveling in first class, then you know all about luxury accommodations.
Below, we give you the top five first class airline seats and all of the luxury details that encompasses. Are you ready? Buckle your seatbelt and get comfortable because it’s going to be a beautiful, luxurious ride. Why take a flight with any random airline when you can afford to arrive in style with the best of them? These luxurious first class seats are the best in the world and are second to none when offering you the comfort, space and privacy to either get things done or just relax and enjoy the flight.
Either way, you are definitely going to be glad that you booked with one of the below airlines because there is nothing better than treating yourself.

Air France – “La Premiere”

Air France – “La Premiere” - telegraph.co.uk
Air France – “La Premiere” – telegraph.co.uk

Air France launched their first class accommodations on their Airbus A380 jet and is moving to include these luxury seats on their entire fleet of jets. Who could blame them? Their first class seats boast a 24 inch television, food from famous chefs in France and a huge allotment of reclining space so that you can get comfortable on your flight.
In these great seats, you’re not fighting for elbow room or any other space with those of whom you’re traveling. In fact, there is a huge table that can hold all of your electronics. The food is also amazing and not some rehashed microwaveable junk that you see on other airlines.

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