The World’s 10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds

Having a dog is akin to having a best friend who will always be there to listen and never judge you. Not only that, but they can never tell anyone your secrets and they’re always happy to see you when you get home from a hard day’s work.
While you can’t put a price on that kind of unconditional love that having dogs gives us, there are breeds out there that cost a little more than the average beagle.
People choose different dog breeds for various reasons and these breeds can start to add up in the money department. Below, we give you the ten most expensive dog breeds in the world.

10. Basset Hound ($1,200 to $1,500)

Basset Hound -

Basset Hound –

Basset hounds are known for having ears that make it look like they could simply fly away from you at any moment. These faithful companions have a great temperament and sense of smell. You’ve just got to love those droopy eyes, ears and everything else. Depending on the show quality, these pups can run you anywhere between $1,200 and $1,500. They’re so cute and worth it, though!

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  • I was shocked to get to the end of this only to realize that Rottweilers are the most expensive breed. I thought they wouldn’t even be in the list since it started at $1,500. I bought a puppy Rottweiler for $400 back in the late 90’s (in P.R.) as a present to my dad who lived there back then. My mom had just passed away so my fiance convinced me to get him a Rotweiller next time we visited. The dog came with papers and everything authenticating it as purebred from Germany, or so they claimed. I never really double checked on that, though. I just wanted a guardian dog for my dad, who was living alone and someone had tried to break into his home recently.

    The dog was gorgeous and fun to play with as a puppy, though; but as he grew older he became sick with dysplasia… and quite aggressive because my dad’s yard was not big enough. My dad didn’t know those animals can’t be left chained for too long. I have to admit I failed to read up on the animal thoroughly before buying it in order to make sure I was getting a dog that was suitable for my dad, who was already passed 70 at the time. Rottweilers do grow a lot quickly.

    One day the dog bit my father pretty badly in the hand as he attempted to take him to the vet. So that was the end of his stay. We gave the dog to a neighbor who had other dogs and knew a great deal about those animals. He assured to us that he would see the dog received proper care and attention. One thing though… that dog ate like a lion! My father always complained it was expensive as heck to feed him. I honestly feared getting too close to the dog when he grew up and I went to visit my father. The dog’s shear looks intimidated me. His darn black head was as big as a basketball. But my fiance was not afraid of him at all. She would pet him as if she was petting a puppy, and the dog was always very passive and cuddly with her. But he would always bark at me! Maybe I should’ve reminded him I was the one who paid to get him…

    This said, I don’t recommend anyone to pay for a dog. It’s best to adopt. And any dog can be an excellent guardian of your home. All he or she needs to do is bark to deter the intruders.

  • My beloved Fox Terrier named Kiko (RIP) cost me $600 back in 1983. His lineage came from a champion in England. He lived 15 years. A great dog an a real friend.

  • Please, this guy is talking s**t, Tibetan Mastiffs are over a million dollars each. It is the most expensive dog you can get. whoever did this article is an absolute moron