Hotels That Are Mighty Costly!

We wonder why some hotels are priced so exorbitantly. Is it because of the amenities and facilities they provide? Or, is it solely because of the brand value? For whatever reasons, we wouldn´t be caught dead in these hotels simply because they are priced way out of our reach. Here are some of the most expensive hotels in the world! They are mighty costly!

Royal Penthouse Suite, Geneva

Cost per night: $83,000

You will need to shell out $83,000 for a night´s stay at the Royal Penthouse Suite in Geneva. The suit doesn’t lack in the security department as all the doors and windows are bulletproof. So, what does paying $83,000 for a night stay at the hotel get you? Well, you can use the 12 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms in the suite; these rooms are accessible by a private elevator! In addition to that, you also enjoy the benefits of having a library, a private gym, and entertainment room!

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