The World’s 10 Richest Doctors

Doctors are the ones we always run to when we have any sort of health problem. If you’ve got a cold, these guys know what to give you that’ll help ease the symptoms and rid your body of infections. They perform heart surgery among a wide list of other fixes that get our health in shape so that we can take on the world.
There are many specialists who can perform various tasks in the medical world and they are worth every penny earned in their job of saving lives on a daily basis.
The doctors who earn the most money are the ones who have been counted on to save lives time and time again.

10. Robert Rey ($15 million)

Robert Rey -

Robert Rey –

Dr. Robert Rey is a plastic surgeon right in the heart of Beverly Hills and has been seen on the E! show Dr. 90210. Thanks to his many celebrity clients, he has a ton of money in his bank account. If you have money, this guy will fix your face or body – but there isn’t anything he can do for your personality!

9. Leonard Hochstein ($20 million)

Leonard Hochstein -

Leonard Hochstein –

Dr. Leonard Hochstein is a plastic surgeon based in Miami, Florida. He is the husband of one of the Real Housewives of Miami and is responsible for plenty of the breast enhancement surgeries on display on the beach where he calls home.

8. Terry Dubrow ($30 million)

Terry Dubrow -

Terry Dubrow –

Dr. Terry Dubrow is another plastic surgeon on the list and a TV personality who has appeared on The Real Housewives of Orange County. To get inside of his business, you have to wait six months on a waiting list. He works on the rich clientele of southern California and the people on the show look like walking advertisements for his business.

7. James Andrews ($10-100 million)

James Andrews -

James Andrews –

There is a wide amount of speculation as to how much sports doctor Dr. James Andrews is worth. Some say ten million while others say a hundred million, but he definitely keeps sports players healthy and there’s a long list for people to see him.

6. Dr. Phil ($280 million)

Dr. Phil -

Dr. Phil –

Dr. Phil is apparently a reputable psychologist in real life as well as on television. Through his practice, he has landed spots on The Oprah Winfrey Show and eventually his own talk show. He earns roughly $80 million every year and seems to be a huge TV quack. Still, a lot of people look to Dr. Phil for advice for some strange reason. We would probably be better off to look to him for financial advice, but that’s just my opinion.

5. Gary Michelson ($1.55 billion)

Gary Michelson -

Gary Michelson –

Known as the MacGyver of medicine, Dr. Gary Michelson created over 250 patents for various devices to help patients with pain. After a company called Medtronic misused his patents, they settled out of court to the tune of $1.55 billion. Now, he’s working on a non-invasive means of spay and neutering animals. His non-surgical methods will lower the costs of spay and neutering and will help animals so they don’t have to suffer through surgery.

4. Wu Yiling ($1.7 billion)

Wu Yiling -

Wu Yiling –

Dr. Wu Yiling made his dough by cooking up herbal methods of healing pain in his patients. He practiced medicine for eleven years before he struck gold, but now he has nearly two billion in his bank account. Before you call him a quack for utilizing herbal methods to aid in patient recovery, remember that he’s a billionaire and you’re not.

3. Phillip Frost ($3.8 billion)

Phillip Frost -

Phillip Frost –

Dr. Phillip Frost taught Dermatology in college and afterward, started a pharmaceutical company called Ivax for $7.8 billion. Then, he moved on to being the chairman of Teva Pharmaceuticals with his net worth weighing in at $3.8 billion.

2. Thomas Frist ($7.8 billion)

Thomas Frist -

Thomas Frist –

Before he became a business man dealing with buying and selling hospitals, Dr. Thomas Frist served in the Army as a surgeon. Now, he makes his fortune buying and selling hospitals with his father in a conglomerate. Dr. Frist is a true hero who saves the lives of heroes in the military – so he’s basically a saint in the Army.

1. Patrick Soon Shiong ($12 billion)

Patrick Soon Shiong -

Patrick Soon Shiong –

Dr. Patrick Soon Shiong is a doctor whose focus is centered on making cancer treatment easier on his patients and less expensive. He works hard to make the overall cost of healthcare cheaper across the board for everyone. He is basically a saint who uses his $12 billion to fund hospitals for children and is working very hard on his mission to wipe cancer off of the planet.

While some of these doctors are plastic surgeons who only better the lives of their celebrity clientele, others on this list work their butts off to rid the world of disease through their charity work. These doctors have helped a lot of people and will continue to line their bank accounts for many years to come.

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