The World’s 10 Richest Doctors

Doctors are the ones we always run to when we have any sort of health problem. If you’ve got a cold, these guys know what to give you that’ll help ease the symptoms and rid your body of infections. They perform heart surgery among a wide list of other fixes that get our health in shape so that we can take on the world.
There are many specialists who can perform various tasks in the medical world and they are worth every penny earned in their job of saving lives on a daily basis.
The doctors who earn the most money are the ones who have been counted on to save lives time and time again.

10. Robert Rey ($15 million)

Robert Rey -
Robert Rey –

Dr. Robert Rey is a plastic surgeon right in the heart of Beverly Hills and has been seen on the E! show Dr. 90210. Thanks to his many celebrity clients, he has a ton of money in his bank account. If you have money, this guy will fix your face or body – but there isn’t anything he can do for your personality!

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