Some Dense Celebrities Really Purchase Stupid Things

With a wide amount of money at their disposal, celebrities can afford to purchase anything money can buy. However, some of them simply seem to spend their money on extravagant, wasteful things. A perfect case in point is the former basketball player, Gilbert Arenas.

When he was only 25-years-old, the man threw himself a birthday party that cost him a whopping $1 million. During his heyday, the man also owned a shark tank in his home. For its upkeep, he reportedly shelled out $5,000 a month. Of course, he also had to spend money purchasing a shark and the food it ate.

Mike Tyson with his

And, how could we possible forget Mike Tyson? How could he possibly come up with the idea of petting tigers and actually go through with the idea? Wasn´t he scared? Did he completely disregard his security? Nonetheless, when Mike Tyson had cash to burn, he splurged on three tigers that cost him $70,000 each. The man had to spend close to $200,000 annually to feed them; he also had to pay $125,000 for a trainer to keep a close eye on the tigers while he was away.  The former boxer ended up selling the tigers as the cost of upkeep rose beyond his means.

And, have you considered acquiring an ATM? Sure, we run out of liquid cash sometimes, but to think of actually acquiring an ATM just to ensure that we never run of paper money is quite absurd, isn´t it? The former basketball player, Deshawn Stevenson, actually has a real, functioning ATM at his abode. And, if reports are to be believed, the ATM is always stocked with $20,000!

Deshawn Stevenson with his

Another former athlete who strikes as a bit off is Vince Young. He was originally touted to become a world-class football player. He was drafted by the Tennessee Titans and tied down to a $26 million contract! Regrettably, he never lived up to the billing, and thus ended up as a failed wonder kid.  However, there was one thing he was good at—spending his money extravagantly! He once bought all the 120 seats on a plane that flew from Nashville to Houston. According to Sports Chew, that particular flight set him back $22,000. And, in case you are wondering if the man went bankrupt, you can bet your bottom dollar he did.

Who knew that someone like Kobe Bryant could also be myopic? With an estimated net worth of $350 million, there is no denying that Kobe Bryant has the fortune to purchase all the amenities money can purchase. Everyone is well aware that Kobe Bryant boasts of an ego that is close to the size of a planet. A few years back, Kobe Bryant once got into a battle with a Pro Poker player, Antonio Esfandiara, over who could waste more cash on Cristal Champagne. Antonio ordered 10 bottles and Kobe topped it with 15 bottles. Kobe had to pay a hefty bill of $21,000! And, guess what? Kobe left the bottles untouched; he didn´t even take a sip!