The Top 7 Sexiest Luxury Cars Driven By The Hottest Women In Music

Famous women singers know all too well that their image is everything because they are their own brand.  That’s why they work out constantly, dress in designer gowns and outfits and drive the best cars in the entire world.  Everything they wear, do, say or drive is under scrutiny, so in order to keep up appearances, they have to have the best of everything.

If you’re making some serious cash, then it only makes sense to plunk down some of that hard earned money on a vehicle that is only fitting for a queen… Queen of music, that is.

Below, we give you the top seven sexiest luxury cars driven by the hottest women in the world of music.  It’s hard not to be jealous of these fine luxury vehicles, but we’ll try.

7. Katy Perry’s Audi A5 – $50,000

Katy Perry and Black Audi A5 -
Katy Perry and Black Audi A5 –

Katy Perry bought her Audi A5 in 2009 when she got engaged to ex-husband Russell Brand.  This luxury vehicle has 265 horsepower, a V-6 engine and can get up to 60 miles per hour in a matter of seconds.  The car is classy and fast and left us wondering if she used it to speed away from her relationship with Brand?  Seems like a fast enough getaway car, doesn’t it?

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