Shania Twain Talks About Split From Husband And Losing Her Voice

It’s been around 15 years since Shania Twain has been away from the spotlight. The two reasons are – her best friend stealing her husband and Shania losing her voice to Lyme’s disease. The famous singer is back in action with her new album in which she talks about the tragic events and her traumatic life in the last 15 years.

Shania Twain Wedding

The last album Shania released was in 2002. When she lost her parents in a car accident at the age of 21, Shania thought the worst days were over. But after being married for 17 years, her husband and producer Mutt Lange left her for her best friend, Marie-Anne Thiebaud.

Shania, 51, used to always think that marriage is forever and it made her feel safe. She never ever thought that her marriage would end one day. Shania was committed to the marriage. Once her marriage fell, the friendship with Lange ended, taking away their professional collaboration too.

Her divorce made her independent, personally and professionally.

Fast forward to 15 years later and Shania is now happily married to Frederic Thiebaud, who is the ex-husband of the best friend for whom Lange left her. Shania says that she is very lucky to have found the love of her life. Falling in and out of love is a creation inspiration for her.

Shania thought that her album Now would never be released after she contracted Lyme’s disease from a tick. She explained that it is a specific kind of tick that attacks the vital organs. Shania said that she was lucky that the tick only affected the nerves of her vocal cord and not the vocal cord itself. After she contracted the disease, Shania not only lost her singing but most of her speaking voice too. She could speak but wasn’t able to yell.

While she was at home, she didn’t miss being in the studio or on tour but loved being a mother and spend time with her son, Eja.

Even though everything was very depressing, she found solace in writing. She calls writing her first love. Getting her voice back was a very long drawn-out process. Shania practically wrote and recorded her latest album on her own. She took it up as a challenge and accomplished it successfully.

Shania Twain is a big name in the music industry and many singers are already lined up to work with her.