4 Sisters Took The Same Picture For 40 Years



This tradition all started in the summer of 1975. Nicholas Nixon was visiting his wife´s family when he got the idea to take a snap of all four sisters together. The sisters, from left to right, Heather, Mimi, BeBe, and Laurie, took up on his offer and have lined up in the same order for him every year since then. The man must be applauded for documenting the lives of the sisters.  Taken in 1975, this picture really started the tradition going. The sisters look young and a wee-bit displeased to take the picture.

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  • What a beautiful series of photos: lighting, shade, what sometimes does or does not make it into the background and that they are all still alive after 40 years! touching…I only wish the commentary was a little less vapid and more relevant to the medium and it’s composition / like music it is completely possible to write about art.