Celebrities And Their Expensive Jewellery

We can´t afford to purchase the jewellery mentioned below with our measly pay. These sparklers are only reserved for the affluent and famous. Unlike the rest of us, celebrities have fortunes beyond our wildest dreams and they splurge on jewellery to set themselves apart from the rest of the crowd. Have a look at some of the most expensive jewellery owned by celebrities!

Victoria Beckham´s Sparkling Neckpiece

Estimated Value: $8 million


Victoria Beckham definitely struck gold with David Beckham. The former athlete once expressed his love for her by gifting her an $8 million necklace on Valentine´s Day. We are pretty certain that the purchase hardly caused a hole in David´s pockets. Victoria is undoubtedly the envy of women all over the world. We do hope that Victoria has the neckpiece insured.

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