Women Climbing Up The Ladder Using Instagram

Millions worldwide are active on the social media platform, Instagram. The application gives users a platform to post and share pictures and videos of themselves or anything that they like. You´d be a fool to not realise the tremendous marketing and advertising potential of the app. Many pretty and well-endowed women have smartly forged successful careers by making use of the app. They earn millions from advertising and marketing products through their Instagram profiles.

Jen Shelter-rantgizmo.com

Jen Selter is one of the first waves of Instagram models that grabbed the attention of the world by sharing eye-catching pictures of her posterior end. Presently, she has around 11.5 million followers on the social media platform. Her popularity has paved the way for her to sign numerous sponsorship and endorsement deals. In fact, her Instagram stint also allowed her to quit her day job.

Another model who has been able to strike it big on Instagram is the buxom blonde, Chantel Zales. She has around 4.5 million followers on the platform and she treats them well, exposing her midriff, and showcasing her chest whenever possible. Her success on the app has allowed her to establish her own clothing line of swimwear, accessories, and dresses. And, according to The Sun, the model has been able to generate over $4 million from Instagram alone!

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Chantel Zales isn’t the only one who has profited from Instagram; the former Playboy bunny, Ana Cheri, too, has benefitted tremendously from the site. Renowned for her slim-thick figure, she has over 10.1 million followers on the app. According to Headlines Network, ¨She has her own series of fitness e-books, owns a gym, and her own workout apparel line.¨

If you are looking for someone hot to follow on Instagram, you should look for Laci Kay Somers. Like Ana Cheri, Laci Kay Somers is also a former Playboy model. How does she make her money on Instagram? Somers monetizes her reach by selling posters, making YouTube videos, and through sponsored posts. And, if reports are to be believed, she boasts a net worth of $2.5 million.

There are some girls who have landed modeling contracts through their Instagram posts and one of them is Gizele Oliveira. She is currently signed with IMG Models and in the past, she has walked in Sao Paulo Fashion Week, modeled for Victoria´s Secret, Bloomingdale´s and Forever 21.  Like Gizele Oliveira, Nadia Rahmat, too, has been able to land a contract with Upfront Models team. In the past, she has been quoted saying, ¨I don´t think I would have received the opportunity if not for social media. It is a revolutionary platform.¨