14 Hollywood Hotties Who Look Like Disney Princesses

There is no question that Hollywood is full of beautiful people who have their looks and bodies together to the point of perfection.  While mostly animated, Disney princesses also have it going on with their looks and bodies to the point of having that unique level of sex appeal.

When imagined as real life women, we pass the princess crown to the following ladies who exhibit the wholesomeness of Disney princesses, but the sex appeal of goddesses.  Most women look to their Disney princesses as role models for younger generations, but we can only add to the fantasy by imagining them as real women with killer curves.

14. Vanessa Hudgens as Pocahontas

Vanessa Hudgens – fansshare.com

Vanessa Hudgens is a former Disney star in her own right, but she does share a lot of the same physical attributes as the lovely Pocahontas.  She began singing and acting at the age of eight, but her star was on the rise when she starred in High School Musical as a teenager. Vanessa was the unfortunate victim of having some rather racy pictures leaked from her cell phone and has a Bohemian style that is unmatched.

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