14 Hollywood Hotties Who Look Like Disney Princesses

There is no question that Hollywood is full of beautiful people who have their looks and bodies together to the point of perfection.  While mostly animated, Disney princesses also have it going on with their looks and bodies to the point of having that unique level of sex appeal.

When imagined as real life women, we pass the princess crown to the following ladies who exhibit the wholesomeness of Disney princesses, but the sex appeal of goddesses.  Most women look to their Disney princesses as role models for younger generations, but we can only add to the fantasy by imagining them as real women with killer curves.

14. Vanessa Hudgens as Pocahontas


Vanessa Hudgens – fansshare.com

Vanessa Hudgens is a former Disney star in her own right, but she does share a lot of the same physical attributes as the lovely Pocahontas.  She began singing and acting at the age of eight, but her star was on the rise when she starred in High School Musical as a teenager. Vanessa was the unfortunate victim of having some rather racy pictures leaked from her cell phone and has a Bohemian style that is unmatched.

13. Kerri Washington as Princess Tiana

Kerry Washington mashable.com

Kerry Washington – mashable.com

Princess Tiana and Scandal star Kerri Washington look a great deal alike and could be twins if Kerri was a cartoon, of course.  Tiana is Disney’s ninth official princess and their first one that is African American.  She is gorgeous as an animated creature that could be brought to life by the lovely Kerri Washington in all of her glory.  She was recently listed as one of Time magazine’s most influential people in the world.  Go Kerri!

12. Teresa Palmer as Cinderella

Teresa Palmer - fullhdpictures.com

Teresa Palmer – fullhdpictures.com

Teresa Palmer is an Australian actress and a beautiful blonde that would knock any man’s socks off if she was chosen to play the role of Cinderella.  In order to fully look the part, she needs a gorgeous blue dress, a tiara and a glass slipper.  She has dated Scott Speedman, Topher Grace and Russell Brand in the past, but is now married to Mark Webber with whom she has a son and a stepson.

11. Deborah Ann Woll as Princess Ariel

Deborah Ann Woll - popsugar.com

Deborah Ann Woll – popsugar.com

True Blood actress Deborah Ann Woll has the ultimate combination of beautiful red hair and blue eyes and is a dead ringer for Princess Ariel.  Before landing her role as the baby vampire Jessica Hamby on the hit HBO show, Deborah Ann Woll had some guest starring spots on various TV shows.  She has an interest in theater and has taken dance, acting and piano classes.

10. Alexandra Daddario as Snow White

Alexandra Daddario - hdwallpapers.in

Alexandra Daddario – hdwallpapers.in

Alexandra Daddario is of Irish, Italian, Czech and English ancestry, making her dark brown hair and piercing blue eyes perfect in the role of Snow White.  At the young age of only 16, she began her acting career on the soap opera All My Children, but has since taken on roles in Hall Pass, the Percy Jackson series, Parenthood and White Collar.

9. Isla Fisher as Anna

Isla Fisher - shortday.in

Isla Fisher – shortday.in

Isla Fisher can still pull off the role of Anna in Frozen, despite having just turned 40 years old.  She still has that awesome youthful appearance and is a dead ringer for a younger looking Anna.  She was bitten by the acting bug at the age of nine-years-old, but made her breakthrough performance in the movie Wedding Crashers. Before getting married to Sasha Baron Cohen, she converted to Judaism and they share three children together.  It must be nice to retain her youthful, gorgeous appearance and be 40.  What is her secret?

8. Brittany Snow as Elsa

Brittany Snow - monnaly.deviantart.com

Brittany Snow – monnaly.deviantart.com

If there was ever anyone who could freeze men in their tracks, it would be Brittany Snow.  She and Elsa could be twins and like the fictitious princess, Brittany can also sing with the best of them.  At the age of twelve, she began her acting career on the soap opera Guiding Light, but since moved on to movies like Hairspray and Pitch Perfect 2.  She is currently battling eating disorders and co-created the Love Is Louder movement that works to eliminate bullying in schools.

7. Jane Levy as Merida

Jane Levy - wallpapersdsc.net

Jane Levy – wallpapersdsc.net

With her gorgeous, long red hair and blue eyes, Jane Levy is the epitome of what Merida should look like if she were a real person.  She doesn’t have many acting credits to her name as of yet, but she is mostly known for her role as Tessa on the show Suburgatory.

6. Diane Kruger as Sleeping Beauty

Diane Kruger - ohmymag.com

Diane Kruger – ohmymag.com

Diane Kruger has the right features and honey colored hair that is perfect for a real life version of Princess Aurora. When she was growing up, she had a dream of becoming a ballerina, but an injury prevented her from fully realizing it.  She pursued modeling and then acting which saw her heading toward a lucrative Hollywood career.  She has starred in Inglorious Basterds, the National Treasure movies and Unknown.  Since 2006, Diane has been involved in a relationship with Joshua Jackson, but neither of them have sought out marriage.

5. Amanda Seyfried as Rapunzel

Amanda Seyfried - boredbug.com

Amanda Seyfried – boredbug.com

Amanda Seyfriend has those big green eyes and long blonde hair that is the most accurate visualization for Rapunzel in the whole world.  Despite one of the girls being an animated creation, Amanda and Rapunzel share an uncanny resemblance with one another. She began working on soap operas, but got her big break on the movie Mean Girls.  Since then, she has gotten quite a few movie roles and a few smaller TV show appearances.  She was known for dating Justin Long and Dominic Cooper, but is single now.

4. Kristin Kreuk as Mulan

Kristin Kreuk - purebreak.com.br

Kristin Kreuk – purebreak.com.br

Kristin Kreuk is no stranger to starring as a Disney princess – in 2011, she starred as Snow White!  Having said that, we feel that she would be a perfect real life interpretation of Mulan if they ever created the role for a movie.  She also stars as Belle in the TV show Beauty and the Beast, which is currently in its fourth season. Like Mulan, Kristin is also trained in the ways of karate and could kick some serious butt!

3. Marie Avgeropoulos as Belle

Marie Avgeropoulos - talknerdywithus.com

Marie Avgeropoulos – talknerdywithus.com

Marie Avgeropoulos stars as Octavia Blake in the TV show The 100, but she should be starring as Belle if there was ever a live adaptation of the cartoon princess. Of her film credits, she has I Love You Beth Cooper and 50/50.  Despite living in Europe for a short while, she has since settled in Vancouver, Canada.  She got discovered after going to an open casting call for drummers at the age of sixteen.

2. Mila Kunis as Esmeralda

Mila Kunis - speculatorysparrow.tumblr.com

Mila Kunis – speculatorysparrow.tumblr.com

Mila Kunis is a beautiful Ukranian woman whose dark features resemble those of the Hunchback of Notre Dame’s Esmeralda.  While she isn’t technically considered a Disney princess, Esmeralda and Mila have a lot in common with their appearances. Mila took acting lessons before she landed her breakthrough role as Jackie in That 70’s Show.  Aside from that, she now has quite a few movies under her belt and is said to have married her That 70’s Show co-star Ashton Kutcher.

1. Priyanka Chopra as Princess Jasmine

Priyanka Chopra - people.com

Priyanka Chopra – people.com

Priyanka Chopra has that classic exotic look shared by her cartoon counterpart, Princess Jasmine.  While she is rather new to the Hollywood scene, she is one of Bollywood’s highest earning actresses.  She famously lent her voice to Disney character Ishani and said, “The closest I could come to being a Disney princess, I think, was Ishani.”

We think Disney should take the hint already!

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